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BigTurns Platform is More than a CMS (Content Management System)

Published by Charles Brodeur

BigTurns is an online business platform.  What’s an “online businesss” platform?  If you’ve not come across this concept before you probably talk about a CMS (content management system).  BigTurns platform at its most basic level is a CMS system, but it’s so much more…

What BigTurns does is take all the elements that a traditional online business needs to be successful and merge them into one holistic solution.  The elements that I’m talking about are CMS, e-commerce, email marketing, CRM, analytics and reporting. 

Typically a business will run all these systems separately in different environments.  By doing it all in one place will save you money, but having these fully integrated can make marketing so much more targeted and accountable.  Calculating ROI on email campaigns and affiliate schemes is so much easier and can done “out of the box”. 

The system also helps to build accurate profiles of your customers because every interaction they have with your website, whether it be completing a form or buying a product is recorded against their CRM record as can every email you have with them.  This means any member of staff can pick up that customer and at a glance can see exactly their history with the company.

The benefits of this type of approach will filter through to every part of your business, but what’s also worth highlighting is that having this type of functionality pre-integrated and available “out of the box” means that online development cost can be dramatically reduced.  A complex database driven site that might have cost you 40k to develop a couple of years ago can now be achieved using BC for a third of that.

There are other fringe benefits as well, the whole system is hosted, which means you don’t need worry about servers or what to do if they go down.  BIgTurns is built on an Adobe infrastructure which has multiple backup and disaster recovery processes in place.  By using a system like this with thousands of other users means you actually leverage real power.  If you’re having a problem the likelihood is thousands of others are probably experiencing the same problem this means in the rare instance there are problems they are resolved very quickly.

Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Business Systems
Vancouver, BC V6E4R1


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BigTurns Platform is More than a CMS

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